Beth Robertson Fiddes

Beth Robertson Fiddes graduated from Edinburgh School of Art in 1995, winning the RSA Benno Schotz Award in 1997. In 2011 she won second award at The JOLOMO Bank of Scotland Awards.
‘There are several threads running through my work in addition to reflecting on the image and reference point in whatever I’ve chosen to paint. I’m interested in the passage of time and my perception that, in looking at a landscape, certain things seem transient, fleeting and elusive. Alive almost. With tides, splashes, breaking waves and angry waters I’m trying to catch a moment, to imagine that moment is all the time I have, a life in a millisecond, and to find, save and preserve forms and structures in the movement. In pieces based on the seemingly unchanging, immovable rocks and mountains, I look for evidence of movement and change. A sense that they have a life on a larger scale and over unimaginable time frames. I try to combine the seemingly ageless with the more ephemeral to reflect my experience of the character of the landscape’.
‘My method of working on the paintings reflects this. I add paper and paint, wash bits off, sand things back time after time until I’m happy with it. There are elements of, I hope, controlled experiment and accident in order to move technique forward. Some things never get finished but the process is still valuable to me. I have a quest to see or feel things as I did before I knew what everything was, to a time when I felt everything had a connection and the world seemed full of possibilities’.
Beth exhibits throughout Scotland; her work is collected in many countries throughout the world.

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